Combined Risks

Combining the impacts of all natural hazards that occur in a wine region, a general risk index has been created for each region. This is based on the areas with the highest risk as well as the main threats have been seen.

Highest Risk due to Natural Hazards in Wine Regions Overall:

  1. Mendoza, Argentina and San Juan, Argentina

  2. Kakheti & Racha, Georgia

  3. Cahul (Southern), Moldova

  4. Slovenia (Primorje – West)

  5. Yaruqui Valley, Ecuador; Nagano, Japan

Top 5 biggest wine producers and their main threats:

  1. Italy – 4.9 billion litres (2016, OIV) – Hail, frost and earthquake (although volcano, flash flood, flood and climatic effects also can play a role)

  2. France – 4.2 billion litres (2016, OIV) – Frost, hail, storm

  3. Spain – 3.8 billion litres (2016, OIV) – NW Hail, Frost, Heat

  4. United States – 2.25 billion litres (2016, OIV) – Frost, Earthquake, Storm

  5. Australia – 1.25 billion litres (2016, OIV) – Frost, Storm, Hail, Bushfire