Climate Change

Climate change affects the variability of storms and also, depending on which global climate scenarios are used, an increase in average temperature will often be seen. Using down-scaled 4.5 degree (RCP4.5) average shifts across the globe over the next 50-60 years, a general shift of wine growing regions southward and northward will occur, and perhaps the loss of some wine regions closer to the equator, yet technology and a reduction in frost may improve matters.

Top 5 negatively affected broad wine regions for climate change using a limited scenario set (however, all are shown to have a decrease in frost days; and new varietals are being discovered):

  1. Southern Italy, Southern Spain

  2. Egypt & Merti Jeju, Ethiopia

  3. Northern Mexico

  4. Southern India

  5. Northern Argentina, Southern Brazil

Top 5 positively affected broad wine regions for climate change (only based on temperature shift, frost day reduction to varietals available):

  1. Northern Europe

  2. Canada and northern USA

  3. United Kingdom

  4. Tasmania, New Zealand

  5. Northern China